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Committed to helping our customers achieve their logistical transportation packaging needs while being good stewards of our environment
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Patrick T. Gleason, Owner
About the Owner
PT Gleason holds an AB in Economics from Providence College and a Juris Doctorate from Western New England University. He served in the US Army as a Commissioned Officer during the Vietnam War and went on to become an Attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while also serving as the VP and Treasurer for Gleason Bros Inc, Moving and Storage. After settling in Ohio, he became a Class A Owner/Operator for Logix Transportation, based in Minneapolis, MN. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Movers Association, and was a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club and Sierra Club. Presently a member of the NRA, Trumbull County Canoe Club and associated with the Boy Scouts of America in Warren, OH.    His interests include canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, astronomy, and still performing, part time Class A driver work. 
About Rollvan Recycle
We at Rollvan Recycle see tremendous potential for finding innovative ways to reuse valuable commodities. We don't believe these materials are trash to be disposed in landfills. We see a need to take a different that would never accept the concept of a "throw away society." We really do care about the environment in the "Buckeye State." We firmly believe that we all can do our part whether it be large or small in preserving and protecting our precious environment. Rollvan Recycle is owned and operated by PT Gleason who came here from Western Massachusetts in 2007. PT began his personal crusade as a delivering driver for a logistics carrier transporting medical equipment nationwide. He refused to accept the premise that shipping containers once used should be disposed in landfills. In response, he purchased land and buildings locally where he could accumulate and store these valuable containers. Now in semi-retirement PT wants to do whatever he can to promote the dream of intelligent conservation of these assets. 
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Committed to being good stewards of our environment
 "We at Rollvan Recycle take environmental issues seriously.  Would you rather watch a polluter carelessly throw the wood, cardboard, plastic, plywood and steel depicted below into a local land fill, or as I like to do... experience the serenity and beauty of nature at a local bike path on a late Fall day knowing that when I do my work the larger environment benefits in some small way.  In recycling, as we do at Rollvanrecycle, we consider our work to be a valuable eco-friendly purpose, and have come up with creative solutions to divert so called "trash" from deposit in landfills, to "works of art" so to speak. Please join us in this effort." ~ P.T. Gleason, Owner, Rollvan Recycle
This is an example of the "refuse" for just one CT Scan delivery made to a hospital in Tampa, FL...
This is the solution that Rollvan Recycle wishes to be a part of: Diverted, valuable, reusable materials...  
We at Rollvan Recycle want YOU to be a part of the solution...Join us today!
Goddard State Park, Pennsylvania
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We make every effort to be exact with our photo representations, pricing,  specifications and measurements.     
If for any reason a measurement or specification is critical in meeting your specific needs,  please contact us and we will do our best to clarify the issue and/or conduct specific re-measurements on the item of your interest on the day you call.  We make every effort to work with you and "measure twice, cut once."   

All sales made in the State of Ohio will be charged Federal, State and Local Taxes unless proof of tax exempt status is provided at the time of purchase.  

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We are a small business located at 6991 Cherry Street, Hubbard, OH 44425. We also perform off site work at customer's locations. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.   

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