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The Commemorative Project
"Prior to relocating from Western Massachusetts, Gleason Bros Inc. was asked to build a temporary platform for the display of a beautiful bronze horse created by a local artist.   Since there was an urgency to have the art work displayed at a commemoration ceremony before the actual concrete base could be constructed, we designed a platform at our warehouse and transported it to a site at a local college...all within two and a half days.  The pictures show the completed project...we were very proud to have participated."     Patrick T. Gleason  

"Recently I had to ship a valuable painting to a gallery, but could not find a safe, insured, and reasonably priced way to get it there.   Rollvan Recycle was recommended and within a week it was professionally crated, insured and delivered to the gallery.  (Breckinridge, CO)  I couldn't believe it would be that easy!"   

 Peg H.

The oil painting mentioned by Peg H was prepared for transport at her home and carefully moved to Rollvan Recycle.   Rubber bands were placed across the front of the painting to insure that the padding did not come into contact with the picture face.   At the workshop, a basic crate was constructed largely with clean recycled materials. Supports were affixed to the rear of the painting and frame which were then affixed to the outside crate edges thereby enabling the painting a "no edge touch" to the crate in all directions.   Padded supports were then placed on the top and bottom of the picture frame.   The finished crate complies with weight and dimensional requirements for expedited ground shipping. 
Statue of the Madonna   My customer had sold the statue on EBay and needed a way to protect it while in truck transit  to Massachusetts.  From 100% formerly used and now recycled medical equipment container materials, I constructed the crate pictured above in my workshop, transported it to my customers home and packed the fragile statute for transportation.   With the help of the seller we prepared the statue by shrink wrapping first so that protective materials would not chaff the delicate paint surface.  Cushioning materials were then placed at strategic locations on the torso  which were then additionally padded ..all of which was then covered in a lightweight protective covering.   Note however that the fragile fingers were not covered and "floated freely" so no pressure was ever applied  on them.  The entire torso was the strapped into  a 2" padded flooring and then additionally braced by padded crossbars.    The crate and statute arrived in perfect condition.  
The Marker.   Called by a customer from Miami, FL. to pickup a marker that had special significance to her in Warren, OH., get it  crated and shipped to her in Florida. I protected the item at the driveway location and loaded it for return to my shop.   Using 99% recycled materials, I designed and built a shipping container for the marker and a special brick also included in the project.  The container was constructed mainly with screws (so it could be disassembled  after shipping)  The granite marker weighed 178 lbs. and when crated the container weighed just over 250 lbs.   I designed the container to protect from forklift errors, dropping, standing on end and tipping upside down. The customer arranged shipping and I delivered the container to a local terminal.  Trust you will agree that the keepsake was well protected.  Customer called, thanked me and told me that a friend is planning to fashion the crate into a piece of furniture.  If so,..a fitting end for recycled wood. Can't say how happy that makes me feel   Terry Gleason