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Assembly/Dis-Assembly Services
Over the years, because of my interest in all types of mechanical, carpentry   and electrical tools, and the experiences gained from renovating, restoring, designing and building new homes and commercial buildings, I recently came to realize that this knowledge could be useful and a valuable service to others who have not had these experiences for any number of reasons.                     

I was speaking with my doctor the other day and he simply said "I have absolutely no interest in learning how to put an office chair together that I received."      

 I admit that I am not necessarily a "Master" of all trades, but I know the difference between a "cat's paw" and a "heel bar" and when to use either.    Even though for most of my life I was an administrator,  manager, attorney, businessman, professional driver etc...the use of the tools that you might see in other pages of the website are not foreign to me and is some ways you might say "I  am connected at the hip" with all of them.   I spend much of my time looking for new and better tools .. It could be an obsession..I don't know!

​In my retirement, I'd like to help people with their "do-nots" or "can't do's" or for some of you...relief from the "honey-do" projects.   I hope that you will find the cost of my services very reasonable and the services performed in a competent and professional manner. 

The cost of every project shall be estimated in advance and strict adherence to the cost will be maintained.  Bonded Protection -Copy Available upon request. 

​The following are some of the projects that I have recently completed
Call For No Cost Estimate:  330-531-1957
Cabinet Assembly.
   Minor Painting Projects
Pictures and Art  Work where you want it !
Assembly Services, chairs, tables, furniture, shelving, tool boxes, chests, buy it, I can pick it up if to bulky, assemble at my shop or your home or business.   
Outdoor Cooking Equipment                     Lawn and Garden Equipment                                                                              Cabinets
So they dropped the Gun Safe off in the garage.  Need help placing it in your home or office?  I have specialized material handling equipment that will assist you and your helpers (if stairs) in getting the safe to the place you would like it.  Call, let's discuss a solution...   330-531-1957
Cabinet Installation                                                                                           Tool Storage Cabinet Assembly              Large File Cabinet/Racks Assembly
Storage Rack Assembly                         Closet Shelving                                       Wall Shelf Assembly                           Wall Rack Assembly
Gun Safe Placement                              Specialized Tools                                  Special Dollys  2 & 4 Wheel Tilt
Setup for picture placement
Put the pictures where you want them......
Make using the toilet less of a chore...and just a little bit easier getting up and down !
Chairs from the box !
Specialty Crating for EBay Sellers  (See full story in the Gallery)   Crates made mostly with recycled medical crates.   The pictured "Madonna" was packed in a much larger crate that was cut down and modified to fit the 69" tall statue. Shipment went to Massachusetts. 

The stone marker below was picked up at a residence in Warren, OH, crated for transport and sent by truck freight to Miami, FL. See Also details in the "Gallery"  Customer stated by phone that it arrived in great shape and friends and family were very impressed with the crate.

A specialty crate was made for a 40" x 80" 3/4" glass table top.  Made entirely with recycled materials and screws for dis-assembly after use if need be.