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Basic Skids            
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The three skids pictured to the right are the centerpiece  and  foundation for many of the skid and crating projects of Rollvan Recycle. Each of these skids is constructed with  3/4" heavy duty CDX plywood bases. Around the top edges are 1.5" x 1.5" secured retaining boards that provide structural reinforcement for the skid base and a strong edge to attach sidewalls to a crate. The skid can be fork lifted from all four directions.

Dimensions are various lengths 73" 62" and 43"; widths are 38 3/4"  and heights of 6 3/4"

Side Panels of 1/4" or 3/8" thick plywood are set onto and supported directly by the 3/4" base lip that is provided and are usually screwed into the upraised edge boards...making a very strong and durable crate.  
43" Skid             Price:  $ 35.00
 62" Skid                   Price :  $45.00
 73" Skid                  Price:  $55.00
Miscellaneous "Once Used" 
We also have a variety of small square skids that are crate building compatible.  Similar to the Standard Skids above, sides can be affixed to the upraised edge boards.  
Item:   1000-32 Hole Skid

Outside Dimensions: L-32" W-32" H-6 1/4"

Inside Dimensions: L-28" W-28" 

Price: $25.00

Item:  1000-43A

Outside Dimensions:  L-33 1/2"  W-37 1/2"  H-4 1/4"

Inside Dimensions:  L-32"  W-36"  Baseboard 5/8" thick, no border edges. 

Center support for really heavy loads. Holes can be drilled for affixing banding straps. Side walls may be affixed but a more substantial border should be used for ease of construction  similar to the Standard Skids.
Price: $25.00

Item:  1000-24405

Outside Dimensions:  L-24"  W-40"  H-5 7/8"

Similar to Item # 1000-43A above this quality skid is constructed with a 1/2" closed plywood base, together with solid 4" x 4" supports including a middle support for heavy loads. Holes can also be drilled for affixing straps or banding. Since the base has a 3/4" set back all around,  3/4" side panels can be set directly on to the skid supports.  In addition the skid supports are laterally supported at either end, which in wet conditions will keep the major portion of the skid up and away from moisture. With the addition of perimeter side boards like those on Standard Skids,  this skid can protect its heavy cargo inside. 

Price: $30.00

Item: 1000-187

Outside Dimensions:  L-24"  W-40"  H-5 7/8"

This is a light duty skid with three supports and solid 1/2" top.   Similar to Item # 1000-24405, the base supports are lateraly supported at either end which keeps the supports directly off the floor...a real advantage in wet conditions.  

 Price: $27.50

Item: 1000-5011

Outside Dimensions:  L-29 1/2" W-29 1/2" H-4 1/4"

This type of skid is made with above average lumber and is used primarily for supporting tri-wall corrugated boxes.  (See Strapping & Banding) 

Price: $15.00
Item: 1000-3117

Outside Dimensions: L-26 1/2" W-42 1/2" H-4 5/8"

Like the similar and smaller skid  # 1000-5011 above, the basic open skid is used primarily for supporting larger tri-wall corrugated boxes.  See Strapping and Banding Products

Price: $ 17.50
Galvanized Steel (Tops/Bases)  
Best Suited for Work Table Tops

Galvanized Metal: 
Outside Dimensions:  L-27 9/16"  W-35 5/8"  H- 4 5/8"  Guage 1/16"

Inside Measurements:  W-35 3/8" L-27 9/16" D-4 1/2"

Price: $55.00

Quantity Pricing Available 

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Standard Skids