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Klimp Crates
The pictures shown below depict how the crate is disassembled and reassembled. Note that the top section is both the top and a portion of the ramp. Also note that the lower section of the ramp is contained within the crate for easy access. 

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Outside: W-26" D-40 5/8" H- 32"
Inside:   W-40" D-38 1/2" H-32"

Price:   $75.00  2/$125.00  3/$175.00
This exceptionally well constructed and  high quality wooden crate is supplied with an appropriate number of metal klimps.   If, greater security is needed for shipping, wood screws can be strategically placed on all corners, top and bottom edges.  

BEST USE FOR THIS CONTAINER.   Extremely fragile items can be carefully placed randomly and surrounded by Styrofoam type "pea" packing material for a relatively quick and effective packing solution.   Additionally, if need be, heavy items can be removed from the front of the container by removing the front side panel  while using the ramp function.   These heavy items can be either secured inside with padded wooden supports, nailed from the sides, secured with banding to the base and sides, supported with air packs or Styrofoam or other dunnage suitable for blocking and bracing.  
Special Feature:  When using the Klimps, the container can be completely disassembled and stored...taking only a fraction of its expanded size.