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 Mobile Workbenches & Cabinets  (Page under construction)
At Rollvan Recycle, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including custom building useful "ruff" furniture and tools:
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Pictured above is the workbench used at Rollvan Recycle. Just about every project in the shop has been "touched" by the bench.  If it looks a little beat's because it is! We have purposely not put a laminate top on the bench. It is not designed to "look pretty" since it takes a beating on a daily basis. No need to worry if the hammer hits something on top, if the drill goes through an item, if something hot comes in contact with the top or if paint splatters on it...It's a work bench!  With clamps we can affix items to the top because of the extended edges.  Guaranteed, it will be the centerpiece of your workshop.  We realize that if you have tools, you can build this bench for less than what we charge, but for one price including the hardware, wheels and suitable project wood the project can be completed for you and delivered free to your site in 7 days.  

I've decided to produce this remarkable bench made with 75% recycled wood.   The top may be easily removed and separated so that it can be negotiated through tight doorways, hallways and up or down stairways by a capable person.     Since it is solidly built, it is quite heavy. The 5" wheels (2 fixed, 2 swivel) make it easy to move on a flat surface.   The workbench is delivered freight free within 50 miles of Hubbard, OH in two sections with wheels affixed, unpainted and unstained to first floor locations. 

Tools, equipment and electrical accessories pictured are not included.

Measurements:    Length:  86"   Width:  44"   Height : 33"   Top Thickness   1-1/8"                             $295.00
Mobile Workbench
Pictured above is the cabinet that was recently made for outdoor equipment that PT uses when he isn't running the workshop. The cabinet was built with many recycled components including the interior rough plywood, 2x4's and top rear hinges.  The 3/4" finished plywood doors and hardware were purchased locally. Not pictured is that the top which is in two sections that can each be lifted from front to back with adjustable supports. This enables you to reach into the cabinet for larger items that don't necessarily fit through the front doors. This cabinet is designed to be used indoors however by using outdoor plywood the  best use for the cabinet would be in a garage. This is an example of some of the projects that can be made with the materials that we have at Rollvan Recycle. The cost for a similar custom cabinet is approximately $  650.00

This cabinet may be special ordered, different specifications and with wheels, laminate top, special woods and hardware. Come see the cabinet on display and discuss the various options available!