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Motorcycle and Custom Crates
The Custom Motorcycle Crate has it origins as a "CT Scan couch" crate.  We modify the crate to transport motorcycles using some of the blocking and bracing supplied with the original crate. The motorcycle pictured is a 2005 "Low Rider" Harley.   
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
This completed container can be delivered FREE within 100 Miles of Hubbard, OH 
Outside L-103.5" W- 41.25" H-51.15"
Inside:   L- 100.75"  W-37.5" H- 44.5"  
This container will support 1300 lbs when fork lifted from either end with support straps. It can also be fork lifted from the middle or lifted with straps with a crane.   

This rugged container with relatively simple alterations provides the ultimate for your best possession...your prized motorcycle.   From the outside, no one knows what is inside the container.  During the riding season, the container can easily be disassembled in less than 15 minutes by one person and stored in 1/5th space when assembled. 

The idea for the modified use shown here originated from  a specially designed motorcycle crate that the owner of Rollvan Recycle transported prior to retirement as a Special Products Class A Driver.   The motorcycle was an OCC designed custom bike with an estimated value of $120,000.00.   The crate was reported to have cost $2,700.  Now, for a fraction of the cost, you can have the same protection!  

The crate can be purchased prior to modification, or customized at Rollvan Recycle or your location. 

Larger/Smaller Motorcycle containers are available by special order. Call with minimum measurements for a quote.  

Basic Crate: 250.00      

Basic Crate: ( Modified to Custom Fit Specs)  $375.00