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Pickup & Delivery Services
Need something that will fit in a enclosed van, pickup truck or mini-van moved from point A to Point B in Trumbull, Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage or Ashtabula Counties in Northeast Ohio....Call Rollvan for fast, efficient and reasonably priced service.  We "get-er-done"....   Commercial Account- Bi-monthly billing.  Individuals, cash or good check is fine. 

Bonded:  Copy of Bond provided upon request.

​Fragile items protected with padding.

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Closed Van Services The pictured closed van (as you might have guessed is a former nationally recognized rental van) has been considerably modified to accommodate a number of material handling tools, carpentry tools and Rollvan related equipment.  The three rows of logistical posts (green) are strategically placed to affix manual cinch or ratchet straps, D ring or O ring straps, and tie-offs for rope and other tools.which securely hold transported items.   The van is equipped with three different types of 2 wheel hand trucks and various style 4 wheel dollies and a sufficient number of high quality moving pads..  In addition, Rollvan Recycle has an inventory of various sizes of pallet jacks, Johnson Bars, heel bars, various sizes of shafting and many other material handling tools and equipment at its disposal.    We at Rollvan are not so interested in competing with recognized and very capable moving companies, but rather we offer short hauls, short distances where the customer participates in the moving and uses our vehicle with driver, his knowledge and expertise and the time saving efficient use of the provided material handling equipment.     Examples of Services:  Gun Safe Moving, Large Items purchased from Stores, Ebay or Craigslist purchases or sales, Dump Runs, Honey Do List name the item to us....see if we can help. Remember if you need help, I do also, this is a customer participatory sport. Job prices available..make me an offer.   Free Binding Estimates.

Rental Rates with Driver: $20.00 per/hr.,  One Hour Minimum,  Mileage  : $1.10 per mile, Portal to Portal 
​Closed Van Services
Pickup Truck Services  This is the "oldie but goodie" completely restored Chevy Silverado 1992 4x4. Remember, Rollvan Recycle is not in the habit of throwing things away..just because they get older or used.  The "labor of love" comes with a high quality two tone paint job, new wheels and new Bridgestone tires, new in crate replacement engine and transmission.   Ready to go to go and work for you.  The trailer has a floor size of 4' x 8' and a 1200 lb. capacity.  The pickup truck bed is 7', however with the tailgate down will handle standard 4'x 8' plywood, sheet rock, paneling and just about any other type of material weighing less than 1500 lbs.  Just like in the case with the enclosed van, customer participation is required for loading and unloading.   Job prices available.  Free Binding Estimates.  

Rental Rates with Pickup & Driver:        $18.00 per/Hr.   One hour minimum   Mileage Rates .$1.00 per/mile  Portal to Portal

Rental Rates Pickup, Trailer & Driver     $22.00 per/Hr.    2 Hour Minimum      Mileage Rates  $1.10 per/mile  Portal to Portal
Courier Services:  Lastly, the smallest of the Pickup/Delivery service vehicles.  The rear seats have been removed and the open rear section is outfitted with a few moving blankets to protect transported items.   The best use of the vehicle however,  is for local courier services.  This little "sub-mini"  need only a little space for parking.   Rollvan Recycle Courier Services is available 24/7/365 subject to prior scheduling.   We are proficient in moving important papers and documents, legal and otherwise between local offices; vehicle titles, legal recordings, valuable paperwork requiring control and accountability and other documentation to town, city, county or state offices.  Can't get to the store; we are called upon to pickup and deliver small machine and automotive parts.   We can assist in picking up prepaid non-perishable food items or purchases from stores.   We are available to move just about anything that requires moving that you just don't have the time or ability in your busy schedule to get that item from one place to the next.  If you value your time and the costly expense for using your will agree that a reasonably priced courier service is cost effective way to help your bottom line.  
Courier Services: Examples of pricing schedules:   Ten mile-Portal to Destination (one way) $18.00 per trip one item, each additional item $2.00 each. Each additional mile over 10 miles $.60 per mile.   Contractural agreements available for scheduled service available at economical rates.   Call for free, binding estimates.
Furniture Delivery
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