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Custom Skids & Custom Crates
Basic Skids are adaptable and functional for just about any shipping requirement.   
Buy the skid, affix the sides or let Rollvan Recycle do it for you!
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62" Standard Skid   $ 40.00
73" Standard Skid   $ 45.00
Standard Skid/ Custom Crate    

The pictures below depict how a standard 43" skid can be made into a rugged 1/4" sidewall crate. Sidewalls can be 2" to 8' high. The crate can be easily broken down for storage when not in use. Note: the pictures represent a model, which can be modified based on your specific needs. The comparable cost of a new crate is approximately $195.00 but for a fraction of that cost this crate could be yours!                                                                                               
Unit Price:               $  75.00
Note:  Materials Used 43" Standard Skid, scrap "once used" 1/4" plywood with markings turned inward.
Assembled with 18volt Drill
Standard Skid/ Custom Crate            

The pictures show how a standard 73" skid can be made into a sizable crate capable of holding and protecting mostly anything that needs transportation shipping protection. The sidewalls can be anywhere from 2 " to 8' in height.  The container can be broken down and stored when not in use.   If new, this container would cost in the range of $ 280.00- $ 350.00.    
Unit Price:       $125.00
Easy Assembly
Using our standard skids, we at Rollvan Recycle can fabricate just about any crating requirement. Because the skid foundations have already been used once, we eliminate the cost of rebuilding the foundation needed to make a crate. Since much of the reclaimed wood from each delivery was usuable plywood, all that is needed is a good commercial panel saw or table top saw to make sturdy sidewalls for the base skids.
Toy Box (Miscellaneous Equipment Box)   This box was originally designed for a customer that wanted to store toys. The customer wanted to paint the box (crate) and sew a cushion for the top for the kids to climb on or for her to sit on and read to her children. The container is one of the basic crates depicted in Item # 1000-315729.  Since the customer had said she wanted to be able to sit on the top, reinforcement boards and supports were added to the inside top edges, lid and vertical sides front and back.  Additionally the bottom support legs were removed so that the crate would sit flat on a rug or floor.  The three locking devices require an adult to affix them for safety purposes, and the container is not air tight. If you have a need, this redesigned crate will provide the organization that you require.
                                                                                                                                                            Custom Crate Price:                     $ 85.00