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Shock absorbers (Bolts, washers, nuts incl)                  $ 3.75
         Dimensions: Outside: H-3" W-8" Inside: H-2 1/4" W-7 1/4" Gauge: 3/16"   Lengths:  89 3/4"  $75.00   69 3/4:   $65.00    59 1/4"   $55.00

These extremely strong rectangular tubes might be just what you needed for support beams, forklift extensions or just about anything that the creative side of your brain can devise. Please note that there are holes drilled at either end for the bolts pictured, which formerly attached the skids to the CT Scan base.  These bolts can be added for free (two per tube), if you wish. Please note that all of the steel may have some surface rust. If this is an issue, Rollvan Recycle will treat these surfaces to remove the light coverings of rust and then spread a thin coat of oil, for an a additional fee. Since I have a sense of humor, I demonstrated how the tubes could be used as forklift extensions to pick up my P.T. Cruiser. Warning: Do not try this at home without a trained forklift operator or experienced rigger!

Steel and Hardware Products
As an integral part of the CT Scan deliveries that PT Gleason made to hospitals prior to retirement, each device used two steel beams to stiffen the Scan bases in order to prevent damage to the delicate internal workings during transport and delivery.  After delivery, rather than throw the beams into land fills, he brought them back to Hubbard. 

These (steel) beams are available now for a variety of decide the best one! If you can find a use for them, they can be purchased for a fraction of the "new" cost...just a little more than current scrap value. Call for quote. Quantity discounts available!

In addition, much of the hardware was removed from the containers, skids and crates and is for sale (See Hardware)....Purchase some today and experience serious cost savings!
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.  Call:       330-619-5132
Hex Drive 1/2"  (used removing steel skids)       $ 2.50
1/2" Washers  10/ $ 1.00 

Hardware (Removed from "trash" crates and containers)
Hard Plastic Edge Protectors   Dozen:  $ 1.65 

CT Scan - Steel Skids  (Rectangular Tubular)
Scrap Steel
Visit our workshop/warehouse and browse the left over steel that came from CT Scan deliveries.  Much of the steel can be used in various projects. 

Prices for the steel would be just a little more than scrap.  Make an offer!
1/2 " Drive  1 1/8" Six Pt.   Various Brands                       $  2.25
Metal Bottom Edge Stabilizers for Corners.   Two Screws Used to Secure to Base of Skids or Crates                              $2.00
 Steel Lag Bolts  (Secure items to skids)
   Length      3"           $  .25

                    2"            $  .17

                    1 1/2"      $  .12

Unique Latch Devices 

The very efficient latches were used on Rollvan Recycle Motorcycle Crates. Screws to affix not included.

Price:                 $  5.95

Nut, Washer and Lock Nut (Sold Separately)            $   2.50
Invisible Screw Wood Locking Nut.                             $  1.25
Carriage Bolt, Nut, Washer  4"

Price:                         $  2.00
Steel Spring  (Extended Length 16"  C'ollapsed  8")
Price:                       $  3.90
1/2" Lock Nuts       Doz        $  1.00
Quantity price quotations available. We at Rollvan Recycle want to find homes for the steel and hardware on this page and are motivated to make sure none of the items end up in landfills.
 1/2" Bolts - 7", 6",  4.5",  3"
  7"                    $ 1.25                         4.5"                       $ 1.00                3"                     $ .85
Angle Iron
Measurements : Length   18"
                         Side        5"
                         Side        3"
Gauge:       3/16"
Painted White, Holes Drilled.  When cut in sections, form sturdy angle supports ( see Picture # 4)

Price:                           $ 7.50
Flat Steel Connectors (Supports)                           $ 3.25
Hard Hat (New, Unused, Some Marks)                            $  8.00